Nerd republic was created for styling nerds, restoring their place in the “fore­­­front” of society. The
delusional perception is that nerds care less about fashion and NR was made to change exactly that and
re­introduce nerds as rather more “cooler”, merging brains with a fashion sense.

Nerds exist in different realities environmentally and circumstantially yet nerds maintain their nerdy
personality, nerds always notable by their obscure fascination of what’s often viewed as “weird” or
unusual. We don’t nationalize who we are but we exist on common grounds with society, within society.

George Khahlobe, Founder

Distinctive we are, identify with and are identified by being “smart Alexes” we are best at. The aim is to
keep identity and not “fit in” while we exploit and innovate our existence by setting trends.

This is a different (but similar) approach taken other than any other previous brand, On a broader scale,
rather than nationalizing the nerds, we present a platform for people to inquire the nerdy­ness within
themselves. That way, we playing around with the masses tendencies of trying to “fit in” rather than the
nerds adapting a “fitting in” tendency. This is a revolution rather than an attempt of recognition.
The original Logotype of the republic was created by Cordel Ringani.

The nerds movement into self expression without perception boundaries, in a fashion sense is bigger
than a cult or fellowship.